International Volunteering in Southern Africa: Potential for Change?

Januar 1, 2012, Author: KNNKT

International Volunteering in Southern Africa: Potential for Change?

Lessons learnt from weltwärts?

Does international volunteering in Southern Africa have potential for change? After a two and a half year research process, the South African German Network (SAGE Net) believes yes. In its new book „International Volunteering in Southern Africa: Potential for Change“, SAGE Net reflects on the weltwärts volunteer programme, its implementation and the support mechanisms for its further development – both within Sage Net and in South Africa. The aim of this book is to make the most important results of these implications widely accessible.

The book is published in English since it not only addresses the German weltwärts community, but seeks to find readers outside Germany, especially in Southern Africa. It captures the international volunteering experience through the voices of researchers, volunteers and other players in the international volunteer landscape. The book thus takes a look at weltwärts and international volunteering from different perspectives – both South and North. It aims to provide a constructive, critical contribution to the current discussion at a time when international volunteering is receiving fresh impetus in many countries.

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