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April 2015

Documentation weltwärts Partner Conference 2014

The full documentation of our weltwärts Partner Conference from 12 until 15 November 2014 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

PDF [eng]  (size approx. 7,13 MB)


February 2015

SAGE Net image brochure

Get to know SAGE Net and learn more about our activities – written in two languages.

PDF [de|eng]  (size approx. 1,79 MB)


February 2015

SAGE Net flyer weltwärts

People who are interested in a weltwärts volunteer service with SAGE Net should have a look at this pamphlet.

PDF [de]  (size approx. 271 KB)


October 2012

weltwärts in Afrika – Engagement für die Umwelt

This is the title of a magazine mainly focussing on the protection of environment and climate in weltwärts projects. It report about the spectrum of possibilities and experiences that project partners and volunteers have made within this context – former SAGE Net volunteers also write about their engagement in their ecological projects.

PDF [de]  (size approx. 2.284 KB)


May 2011

Volunteer magazine SAGENet volunteers 2009/2010

We owe it to our former volunteers and their very own initiative that we now have this wonderful informative magazine. Enjoy reading!

PDF [de]  (size approx. 15.294 KB)


April 2012

Research based recommendations for enhancing mutual satisfaction and success in international volunteer service

An excerpt from our published book “International Volunteering in Southern Africa: Potential for Change?”.

PDF [eng] (size approx. 360 KB)


November 2012

weltwärts-Leitfaden / weltwärts placement policy

The placement policy for our volunteers.

PDF [eng] (size approx. 131 KB)


February 2013

Documentation weltwärts Partner Conference Johannesburg 2012

Titel Konferenzdokumentation

The full documentation of our weltwärts Partner Conference from 14 until 17 November 2012 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

PDF [eng] (size approx. 6.745 KB)



December 2009

Documentation weltwärts Konferenz Cape Town 2009

The full documentation of our conference from 6 until 10 December 2009 in Cape Town, South Africa.

PDF [eng] (size approx. 131 KB)

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