Willkommen im Bereich der weltwärts Partner Conference 2012!

On behalf of the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) we are happy to host a conference for Partner Organisations from Southern Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Congo) within the framework of the development volunteers service "weltwärts".

The background of the Partner Conference is the follow-up process of the evaluation of the German weltwärts-programme. In order to integrate the partner organisations (PO) in the follow-up, several regional conferences will be held in all the weltwärts-partners' continents (Africa, Asia and Latin America) in the latter part of 2012. The conferences would also offer a framework for networking and exchange between the various players in the partner countries.

The weltwärts-partners will be enabled to involve themselves even deeper in the shaping of this programme which certainly is one of a kind in the world. There will be space to exchange views and experiences with other POs from Southern Africa, with German partners and official guests from the weltwärts-secretariat which is the coordinating office on behalf of the BMZ. Questions pertaining to the benefits and challenges of the programme as well as best practices and support strategies will be discussed together.

The aims of the weltwärts Partner Conference are the following:

  1. To inform Partner Organisations (PO) about the programme (history, goals, etc.) and discuss their needs (opportunities for input, etc.).

  2. To present the findings of the evaluation and the outcome of the follow-up process. To discuss the findings and outcome with members of the PO.
  3. To formulate recommendations from the PO for programme activities.

  4. To offer the PO a platform for sharing experiences and insights.

  5. To create a forum for exchange on various topics (for example, quality, integration of the programme in development policy, technical and pedagogical back-up, demand on the PO side for reverse placements, experiences and needs in terms of measures to accompany the programme).

  6. To facilitate networking and participation (for example, building up regional and topical networks, possibly founding representation bodies in the partner countries, elaborating possibilities for participation in programme development).

In order to be part of the programme we kindly request you to fill the application form and send it back by email to your German sending agency whom we kindly request to forward the same to us and/or directly to us under weltwaerts-conference2012@sage-net.org  as soon as possible. Since the capacity is limited we will try to honour your registration on the "first come - first serve" basis.

Eligibility: All weltwärts-POs and those staff members actively involved in weltwärts-activities (e.g. mentors, trainers, relevant PO staff) are invited. That means, the person who participates in the conference should be a practitioner being able to relate about her/his experiences with the weltwärts-programme, volunteers and sending agencies from Germany.

Costs of food and lodging, the conference participation costs as well as transportation to the conference are covered. More information is available under the Link "Anreise & Unterkunft".