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How you can support us

All projects and activities by SAGE Net e.V. have been supported by different governmental institutions, partner organisations and single persons. These contributions – governmental and private – are sometimes not sufficient enough to fullfil our charitable mission.

Therefore we are deeply grateful to receive your donation.

Donation receipt for your tax authorities

If you are a member of our association or if you have donated money to our account, you are eligible to put in a claim for your tax return. For contributions less than EUR 200 it is adequate to simply submit a bank statement or proof of bank transfer together with a copy of the donation form. For contributions higher than EUR 200 you have to submit a contribution receipt, which will be provided by us.

If you have any further questions regarding your donation please do not hesitate to contact us under or phone us.

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Bank details

Account holder: SAGE Net e.V.
Institute: Sparkasse Köln-Bonn
IBAN: DE90 3705 0198 0007 5254 13


Form for a Support-Membership (SAGE Net Germany)  (PDF file, German)

Form for a One-Time-Donation (SAGE Net Germany)  (PDF file, German)

Articles of Association (SAGE Net Germany)  (PDF file, German)