weltwärts Reverse with SAGE Net

Reverse with SAGE Net: the new weltwärts South-North component

1. Objectives

The South-North component of the weltwärts program has the following objectives:

  • to promote interaction, on an equal footing, between partners from our One World’s Global South and Global North, and thus strengthen existing partnerships;
  • to allow volunteers to grow personally in an informal learning process through personal interaction, intercultural exchange and the transfer of knowledge and experience;
  • to strengthen civil society and especially the partner organizations in the South, which benefit as returned volunteers tell others about their experience and continue to be active in civil society; and
  • to provide input and inspiration to development-related work within Germany. Interaction with international volunteers helps to get new target groups interested in development issues.

As the program pursues these goals, attention is given at all levels to gender equality.

2. Duration of assignment

In order to ensure that volunteers are able to integrate well into their host countries and working environments in terms of language and culture and are able to gain a meaningful understanding of development issues, the minimum duration of South-North assignments is 12 months. Assignments may be extended to 18 months.

3. Volunteer requirements

  • The completed APPLICATION FORM (PDF), photo, CV and letter of motivation to SAGE Net SA
  • An endorsement/reference letter from the SAGENET NGO member organisation
  • Copy of qualifications
  • Copy of manual drivers licence
  • Copy of valid passport

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a Skype interview.
Chosen applicants must be willing to raise funds and attend a preparation seminar!

Please find the complete information under “Call for application“.
Please find more (general) information about the program under the following Link (PDF file, 146 KB).

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