Our History


Our History

SAGE Net was founded in 1997 as “Project Group South Africa”. Its members belonged to different institutions and were engaged fulltime in different fields of education. Many of them had experience of facilitating exchange programmes — mostly because of personal connections to South Africa — and wanted to promote the idea of a permanent exchange between South Africa and Germany.

The advantage of this interdisciplinary pooling of resources was already clear at the initial meetings. Less than one year later, the first group of South African colleagues was greeted at the airport.

Since 1998, a continuous and diverse range of projects have taken place catering to a variety of target audiences in both countries. The SAGE Net network has continued to expand in recent years, with many stable business partners.

Because of this, and to increase the capabilities and range of the network, the South African German Network e.V. (SAGE Net e.V.) was officially established as an association in early 2004. Today, SAGE Net members from both countries meet at least once a year to:

  • reflect on exchange projects;
  • work together to develop new projects;
  • pool resources (financing, know-how, etc.);
  • coordinate public relations;
  • work to advance the structure of the network.

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