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The South African German Network (SAGE Net) e.V. was founded in 2004 in Germany and South Africa.

SAGE Net Germany

SAGE Net Germany was officially established as an association in 2004, but the partnership network between South Africa and Germany has been active since 1997, and is a merger of individuals and organisations working in both countries.

SAGE Net South Africa

At the same time, SAGE Net South Africa was founded as an NPO (non-profit organisation). The participating organisations work on their own individual projects. However in recent years, as members of a common platform, they have experienced success that they would not have achieved as single organisations.

SAGE Net has regional membership structures in both South Africa and Germany. In Germany, there are members of the association nationwide (in Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony-Anhalt, etc…). Likewise, members of SAGE Net South Africa are based in different regions, most notably in Cape Town and Mpumalanga.

The structures of the two associations and their partnerships will be further developed in the future. Further information about SAGE Net Germany can be found in our Articles of Association.

Team Berlin

Carola Blendermann (Director) E-mail: carola.blendermann@sage-net.org, Marina Larsen (South-North Coordinator) E-mail: marina.larsen@sage-net.orgSarah Tietz (North-South Coordinator) E-mail: sarah.tietz@sage-net.org

Managing Board

Introducing SAGE Net’s South African and German Board members (9th August 2016): Board members Germany Dr. Donald Vogel (Chairman) SAGE Net e.V. Gervinusstr. 12, 10629 Berlin, Germany Phone: +49 (0)30 31 99 12 56, E-mail: donald.vogel@sage-net.org

Articles of Association

Please find our updated Articles of Association (from 13 April 2013) as downloadable PDF file (87,6 KB, German) here. Read More…

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We open new doors for you through stable partnerships. exchange of experts. networking synergies. participation in international conferences and meetings. involvement in research. inter-cultural learning. access to resources and information. To become a member…Read More…


How you can support us All projects and activities by SAGE Net e.V. have been supported by different governmental institutions, partner organisations and single persons. These contributions – governmental and private – are sometimes not sufficient enough…Read More…

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Form for a Support-Membership (SAGE Net Germany)  (PDF file, German)

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Articles of Association (SAGE Net Germany)  (PDF file, German)