weltwärts Partner Conference for Southern Africa 2012

November 17, 2017, Author: KNNKT

weltwärts Partner Conference for Southern Africa 2012

14—17 November 2012 | Johannesburg, South Africa

80 Participants from South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Lesotho, representing 41 partner organisations and 17 sending organisations participated in a conference funded by the BMZ and organised by SAGE Net. The organisations all had differing background experience and knowledge regarding the structure, goals and future of the weltwärts programme. Therefore, sharing experiences relating to the weltwärts programme (structure, evaluation, Follow-Up Process, North-South relations) played a central role. The conference also offered the opportunity to make new contacts, and was used to maintain and expand intermodal network relations. New impulses for our work and the progress of the scheme could be developed, on the basis of the exchange of positive and challenging experiences of the weltwärts programme.

Overall, the participants positively valued the methodological and didactic organisation of the conference. Working in small groups (which were constantly changed) promoted opportunities to exchange experience with different participants, and to create a sense of mutual awareness.

Generally, the conference was understood in many ways to be an opportunity for participation and reflection, and was used as such. There was also a strong willingness among participants to contribute their own resources and skills to the process. At SAGE Net, we believe that the constant and equal involvement of partners is essential, to enable the opportunities and synergies of future development processes to be fruitful.

In order to gain weltwärts partners across all continents, regional conferences took place later in 2012 (in Africa, Asia, and Latin America), which also offered a platform for comparing notes and improving network relations.


Comments by participants SAGE Net weltwärts Partner Conference for Southern Africa, November 2012, Johannesburg

1. Ingrid Daniels, Direktor of Cape Mental Health Society, Cape Town

2. Lionel Andrew Adrian, Global Classroom Partnership, Cape Town

3. Lusanda Bali, Vulamasango Children’s Project, Cape Town